Local Farm Near Paris

Living in Paris has been amazing especially for a city girl like me but sometimes you just need to escape the urban life for a day. La Ferme du Logis (the Farm of Logis) is the perfect place for this. My boyfriend and I stumbled upon La Ferme du Logis online after trying to find a pumpkin patch near Paris. I knew finding anything similar to pumpkin patches in the United States would be nearly impossible so we thought a farm would be a good alternative. Our biggest hurdle was transportation since neither of us had a car. But after calling every family member we knew and offering to bring them back some fruits and veggies, we were finally able to find a car to borrow.

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Tea Time at the Grand Mosque of Paris

Moroccan mint tea is one of my absolute favorite drinks, so when a friend told me I could enjoy it at the Grand Mosque of Paris I was excited check it out. We decided to go on a Sunday which we ended up regretting because the restaurant was way too crowded. There was a constant line at the pastry counter, and it took awhile to be served tea as there was only one server for about fifty people.

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