A Staycation in Paris at Hotel Monte Cristo

Summer is the time of vacationing and I never saw this to be more true until I moved to Europe. In August, Paris is almost like a ghost town. All the locals clear out as everyone leaves to enjoy their holiday out of the city. I have always been part of this large group of vacationer but this year was different for me. Due to an injury I had to stay in Paris and by the time I received the green light to travel, transportation and lodging were ridiculously expensive.

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Red Hot Culotte Pants

Cold weather is a thing of the past and I am finally starting to feel like spring and summer are in full effect in Paris. With that being I’ve been on the hunt for some new pieces for the warm weather, and to add some color to my wardrobe. These red culotte pants from Zara exactly what I needed in my life!

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Top 4 Spots for a Parisian Winter Wonderland

The past month in Paris has been some of the coldest times I have ever experienced in the city, and this California girl has been having a hard time adjusting to the weather. I cannot say that it was all bad though, because for the first time I saw Paris covered in snow! Seeing the city painted white has truly become my all time favorite memory from living here. It is already widely known that it is beautiful here, but somehow the snow multiplied the magic and beauty of the city by ten. And it was not only me who felt this way. The amount of smiles and increasingly positive attitudes I saw from Parisians was enormous. It was as if everyone had become children again and all we wanted to do was play in the snow. What made everything special this year was the amount that was actually sticking, so how could I have not taken advantage of it.

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Local Farm Near Paris

Living in Paris has been amazing especially for a city girl like me but sometimes you just need to escape the urban life for a day. La Ferme du Logis (the Farm of Logis) is the perfect place for this. My boyfriend and I stumbled upon La Ferme du Logis online after trying to find a pumpkin patch near Paris. I knew finding anything similar to pumpkin patches in the United States would be nearly impossible so we thought a farm would be a good alternative. Our biggest hurdle was transportation since neither of us had a car. But after calling every family member we knew and offering to bring them back some fruits and veggies, we were finally able to find a car to borrow.

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Exploring a Repurposed Old Hospital

If you’re looking for a new and real local experience in Paris then you definitely need to check out Les Grands Voisins. A few years ago the Public Hospital of Paris moved leaving the grounds of Hospital Saint Vincent de Paul vacant. Today the space has been repurposed to become a place of sharing and creation. It involves a mix of emergency housing, art studios, cafes, local businesses, and charity organizations. While inside Les Grands Voisins you can find large sunny terraces, vegetable gardens, games such as a life size Connect Four, a thrift store, amazing art installations, unique housing options, and much more. It is a space where community living and sharing highly encouraged.

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Tea Time at the Grand Mosque of Paris

Moroccan mint tea is one of my absolute favorite drinks, so when a friend told me I could enjoy it at the Grand Mosque of Paris I was excited check it out. We decided to go on a Sunday which we ended up regretting because the restaurant was way too crowded. There was a constant line at the pastry counter, and it took awhile to be served tea as there was only one server for about fifty people.

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A Weekend in Provence

A few years ago I learned about these amazing lavender fields in the south of France close to Marseille. Ever since then, it has become one of my dreams to go there and see the never-ending lavender for myself. A couple of weeks ago, my boyfriend surprised me with a train ticket and told me to “pack an outfit that I would want to wear if I had a beautiful background.” I instantly knew exactly where we were going!

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Hidden Paris Pop Up Bar

If you happen to find yourself in Paris between July 5-23, 2017, be sure to check out the newest pop up bar hidden in the Marais. Located in the 3rd arrondissement, Casa Corona is one of the cutest bars I have ever seen! Besides the obvious the Coronas (5€), Casa Corona offers tacos, ceviche, guacamole, and many other Mexican themed dishes for you to indulge in. The main floor opens to an outdoor bar decorated with an abundance of plants, picnic tables, and swings. On the second floor you can find 3 rooms with the best Instagram spots in every corner. The perfect place to relax with friends and you enjoy your beer if downstairs is too crowded. Continue reading “Hidden Paris Pop Up Bar”