Lisbon, Portugal

Bonjour! I’m Salwa, a 25 years old travel enthusiast who has been living in Paris for the last two years. Originally I am from California but moved to Paris in an “attempt”  to master the beautiful language, while absorbing all the country has to offer. Even though I have definitely been on the struggle bus with learning the language, discovering the country has made it all worth it. I have managed to stay working in Paris by being an Au Pair, but the time has FINALLY come for me to move on to more fulfilling things.

I started Locally Dipped as a way for me to share my perspective on the things I have discovered around the world. Wherever I go I try to immerse myself into the local ambiance hence the name “Locally Dipped.” This blog is my creative outlet to not only share my stories and life, but also to inspire and connect with readers. If you love travel, food, and beauty then you’ll definitely want to stick around!

Salwa Adabachi