A Staycation in Paris at Hotel Monte Cristo

Summer is the time of vacationing and I never saw this to be more true until I moved to Europe. In August, Paris is almost like a ghost town. All the locals clear out as everyone leaves to enjoy their holiday out of the city. I have always been part of this large group of vacationer but this year was different for me. Due to an injury I had to stay in Paris and by the time I received the green light to travel, transportation and lodging were ridiculously expensive.

When I stumbled upon Staycation I knew it was the perfect solution to my vacation blues. The company works with luxury hotels to offers rooms at a discounted rate for one night. During the week they release their offers for the weekend with partnering hotels that have availability. I absolutely loved the experience because I felt like I was actually traveling out of Paris. The hotel was in a part of the city that I had really not explored before and I was doing things I would normally never do. I was able to have some much needed relaxation without leaving Paris or breaking the bank.

Staycation had so many great deals that it was really hard to choose, but after browsing through all the different options, we decided to book a night at Hotel Monte Cristo. The three main reasons we chose this hotel were:

  1. The 15 meter pool and sauna room
  2. Unlimited rum cocktails at 1802 Rum Bar
  3. The beautiful interior of the hotel

Thanks to Staycation our room was also discounted 39% and included a bottle of champagne and breakfast for two in the morning.

IMG_4310-23  IMG_4304-22

On Sunday morning, my boyfriend and I packed a little suitcase and headed to Hotel Monte Cristo in the 5th arrondissement. Just a forty minute metro ride away from our apartment. Our email confirmation said we could check in at 2pm, so you better believe we were in front of the hotel at 1:55pm ready for our 24hrs of relaxation.

Upon arrival we were greeted by some very friendly staff whom were happy to welcome us to the hotel. They told us we were being upgraded to a suite which I had no complaints about. When I opened the room door we were immediately swept away by the breathtaking interior. The wallpaper was beautiful and made it look like the walls  were draped in carpets. The whole hotel gave off the vibe of travels through the Far East with its fabrics, customised lighting and furniture, and luscious plants and this room was no exception. The bathroom also was very spacious; equipped with a double sink and a double shower.

The Haydée Suite

IMG_4117-4  IMG_4128-8IMG_4109-2IMG_4125-6IMG_4137-11  IMG_4114-3IMG_4141-13  IMG_4139-12


The pool area was the perfect place for a little relaxation. Located in the basement level it featured a 15 meter long pool and two level sauna surrounded by beautiful tiles and exotic plants.

IMG_4146-14IMG_4157-17  IMG_4152-16

Lounge & Bar

The rum bar is the only in the city and I felt invited to discover rum from all regions.  We tasted about seven different cocktails that were all extremely different. I definitely prefer sweeter drinks and loved the Dumas. It reminded me of a mix of a mojito and sangria.

IMG_4302-21IMG_4298-20  IMG_4159-19IMG_4158-18

We ended our getaway with a buffet breakfast in the morning and a final dip in the swimming pool. The whole experience was the perfect romantic getaway for two that I would recommend over and over again. I cannot wait for my next Staycation!



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