Red Hot Culotte Pants

Cold weather is a thing of the past and I am finally starting to feel like spring and summer are in full effect in Paris. With that being I’ve been on the hunt for some new pieces for the warm weather, and to add some color to my wardrobe. These red culotte pants from Zara exactly what I needed in my life!

red pants streetchinese standing

The star of this outfit is definitely the red culotte pants. I can thank my boyfriend for this great find. The red hot color makes such a statement, along with the style and cut. They are extremely high waisted, which is a great plus for me since you will probably never find me in anything else.

When I found theses pants I was already wearing a grey blazer, so I wanted to find a cool t-shirt that would bring the two pieces together. I have always loved the look of a graphic tee with a blazer. It turns a causal items into something slightly more professional and vice versa. I stumbled upon this Jurassic Park t-shirt in the men’s section at Zara and knew it would be perfect. The red and yellow on the shirt matched perfectly with the purse and pants, tying the whole outfit together.

I was also immediately obsessed with this purse when I saw it. The color and size are what caught my attention since I love to wear mustard yellow and am a fan of smaller purses. The size is perfect for when you don’t want to lug around a big bag. There was enough space of an iPhone, coin purse, and keys.

Since there was a lot going on in the outfit, I choice to keep the accessories pretty simple. A pair of gold frame black sunglasses, basic black and gold belt, and black heeled booties were the exact final touches I needed to complete the look.

sittingstanding bagtruck lean

Pant: Red Culotte Pants

Shirt: Jurassic Park Tee 

Outerwear: Blazer (Similar)

Bag: Small Yellow Purse



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